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Accordion, Balkan Music Workshop

Bardh Jakova was born in Scutari (Albania) his family is really well know on musical scene: his uncle Prenke Jakova, rewarded by President of Republic of Albania with prize “Onore della Patria” was composer of the first Albanian National Opera “Mrika” and “Skenderbeu” Opera, his father Çesk Jakova ascontrabassist in Scutari Phylarmonic and his brother Alexander is piano teacher at Liceo Nazionale in Scutari.

Jakova is graduated in Accordion, first at Liceo Nazionale “P.Jakova” in Scutari and then at Conservatorio “Gioacchino Rossini” in Pesaro with M° Sergio Scappini. He attended for five years piano studies with M.M. Tarsetti and studied composition with M° T. Harapi.

With the group “Tring Zilja”in Sutari, he started his career when he was only 8 years old.

In 1999 he played during concert in memory of Marco Pantani in Cesenatico.

During his artistic career he studied and played different music genre: music from ’70- ’80 (he worked with Dino, Junior Magli ,“Barcelona ”, Cisco from Modena City Ramblers and many others), he played Eastern European music with the trio “I Njejti Det”, traditional Balkan folk music and also with “Gjamadani”.

Jakova participated as soloist in different concerts in Austria, Slovenia, Luxemburg, Germany, Ireland, Switzerland, Kosovo and Albania, playing for Albanian radio and tv R.T.SH, Portuguese Radio TV, the german Z.D.F, RAI, Mediaset and other Italian regional channels.

Jakova received the prize “Madre Teresa 2010” to reward his contribution to Albanian folk music around the world, at Comune di Ravenna from the Major of the City of Scutari.

From 2007 till 2014 he was the director of Balkan music workshop in the frame of the intercultural centre of Municipality of Cervia. From 2007, he is artistic director of “Spartiti per Scutari Orkestra”, born in collaboration with Ass. Casa del Cucciolo in Meldola (FC). In this project participates many personalities and associations Italian and international ones: Teatro d’Opera and Balletto di Tirana (2010) and Teatro Dante Alighieri di Ravenna.

In 2013, he recorded”Qui è sempre primavera” CD. He was accordion teacher at Liceo Nazionale “ P.Jakova” in Scutari after winning a National competition at “Accademia Naz. delle Belle Arti di Tirana”. He worked also for Centro Musicale “Ca’ Vaina” in Imola, Scuola Musicale Comunale “C. Roveroni” in S. Sofia,, for Banda Filarmonica Comunale “F. Musi” in Ferrara and for “Colori in musica” in Predappio.

At the moment he teaches in Scuola di Musica Popolare in Forlimpopoli and Scuola Comunale “Vassura Baroncini”.

From 2004, Jakova is very active for the IPSIA ACLI FC project “ Music: a bridge between people” as teacher for accordion master classes and as Balkan Music Workshop’s Director.

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