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"The rules in chaos"


Music , philosophy , mathematics , cosmology : Dante deals with the laws that govern the cosmos and much more in his “Divine Comedy”.

The Department of Legality of the Municipality of Forlì, assisted by the Office of Youth Policies, offers the city a polyphonic reflection on the concepts of "norm" and "law", of "guilt" and "punishment".

From the magistrates to the essayist, from Libera's voice to the great musical performers, the three evenings of “The rules in chaos” organized by No.Vi.Art therefore offer emotions and many new ideas for reflection on the “Divine Comedy”.

Three appointments:

June 18, 2021: "Dante and the Law: a journey into human and divine justice"

Gherardo Colombo , Vincenza Rando and Giuliano Turone talk about human and divine justice, punishment and reconciliation.

Musical interventions by Accademia In Arte.














July 18, 2021: "Dante, Bach and the harmony of the spheres"

The rule and the measure materialize in the harmony of the spheres theorized by Pythagoras with the Musical Offer by Johann Sebastian Bach interpreted by Ramin Bahrami , Massimo Mercelli and the Solisti Aquilani .

September 6, 2021: "Different voices make sweet notes ..."

Alberto Casadei , Valerio Varesi and Sperello di Serego Alighieri dialogue from the Universe based on the "norm" .

Interventions by the music of Sax Quartet of Music Institute "A. Masini".

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