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Gloria Cuerda Navarro started her studies at Conservatorio Superiore di Musica di Valencia (Spain) with cello Professor F.Badia. she was member of Conservatorio and Scuola Musicum “La Cetra”. She also collaborated with Orchestra and Banda Municipale in Valencia during several concerts in Spain, Nederland and Italy. In 1983, she moved in Madrid to continue to study cello with R.Ramos and P.Friedhoff. During her career she attended different courses as pedagogy, cello interpretation and chamber music with M. Macedo, M. Rostropovich, J. Starker, A. Arias, J. Brotons, J. M. Cruzado and J. Mora.

Cuerda Navarro was cello teacher of Conservatorio Superiore di Musica in Madrid e dei Conservatori di Amaniel (Madrid), in Ávila, in Segovia and in Requena (Valencia).

She is a founder member of “Gruppo di Musica da Camera Isolda”, she recorded a cd with it and also she recorded for national radio and for Spanish radio and tv. She was member of the jury for "Iº Concorso Iberico di Musica da Camera con Arpa".

In 2007, she played in operas as “Tramonto” for cello and Banda Sinfonica in L. Serrano Alarcón, with Band del Musical Artistic Center in Bétera (Valencia).

She was cello teacher and chamber music teacher for several Summer classes in Salamanca and Valencia. She collaborated with the Symphonic Orchestra of Zarzuela “Arbós" in Madrid.

She played as solo and member of chamber music groups in Spain, France, Belgium, Germany and Russia. She is cello teacher, chamber music teacher and Musicosophia teacher. Now she is still teaching, creating chamber music groups and ordinary teacher at Conservatorio for professionals in Valencia.

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