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Despite their importance, news from Balkan countries still remain marginal in Italy. European countries should pay more attention on this area: Bosnia, Albania, Kosovo are also European countries, that are more and more influenced by Arabic “NGO” from Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

On the other hand, many contrasts between them are not totally ended yet. According with this difficult political background, an international project leaded by an Italian NGO and Balkan music schools is very important, recognized and supported by other foreigner schools.

Coordination between institutions and partners is constantly developed and always oriented towards positive expectations considering peculiarities of institutions involved. All countries involved are practicing discussions in this network at equal level, in order to avoid conflicts and prejudices. Ipsia FC’s experience and practice in organization and problem solving, gained during years of activity of collaboration between their members and local authorities, are precious values for its leadership. Indeed, problem solving activities are constantly requested by the project itself, encouraging forms of project autonomy, creating a concrete cooperation.

The group is international and it is composed by professors and professionals. During this project it is important take in consideration different points of view: artistic and educational ones. This perspective helps to consolidate, share and improving the whole project.

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