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The 2021 edition of the "Music, a bridge between peoples" project took place in Forlì from 7 to 18 July .

The "Angelo Masini " Musical Institute hosted the rehearsals.

The rehearsals and concerts were held in compliance with all the health regulations imposed by the situation connected to the Covid-19 pandemic.  

The aim of the course was to form the Ensemble "Music a bridge between peoples" which performed in 5 concerts in Italy and Slovenia :


- 11 July: Santa Sofia (Emilia Romagna)

- 12 July: Staffolo (Marche)

- 14 July: Forlì - Arena San Domenico (Emilia Romagna)

- July 15-17: Slovenia


The performance of the Ensemble "Music a bridge between peoples" dealt with two types of repertoires: the classical music repertoire , under the guidance of maestro Žiga Cerar , and the repertoire of traditional and popular European music , with a particular look at Balkan area, arranged and directed by the masters Bardh Jakova and Stefano Bertozzi .

In the first, the students recognized a common horizon of knowledge within which to enhance the diversity of the techniques acquired in their respective contexts to which they belong; in the second, i  young performers, on the other hand, had the opportunity to discover profound aspects of the culture of the various countries, to know their differences and similarities, as well as to discover the roots of a cultural heritage from which many important composers from all over Europe have drawn in recent centuries.

For  to view the program performed in the five scheduled concerts click here

To view the complete concert click here


The teachers who participated in the various editions of the project "Music, a bridge between peoples" performed at the San Domenico Arena in Forlì as part of the concert entitled "Largo ai prof!" inserted in the programming of the  "Festival of young music of the Mediterranean 2021"

For  view the program executed  Click here

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